Finding a High Quality Bible


Forget the Christian Bookstores

It’s hard to find a good quality Bible these days.  There are many trinkets sold in Christian bookstores, but not many high quality KJV Bibles, such as the Cambridge Wide Margin Goatskin KJV Bible.  Of the King James Bibles you will find on the shelves, few, if any, of them will be high quality Bibles with soft, durable leather covers, pages of the perfect consistency, and adequate margins for note taking.  A Bible is something that a serious Christian will use and cherish for years, which makes it all the more important to find a Bible of the highest quality before spending countless hours of reading and studying it, only to wish that you had spent more time researching to find the best one possible.  That is the purpose of this site.


I’ve Done the Hard Work For You

I have been a serious Bible student for over a decade and I made this site to be a resource for Christians who are looking for a high quality Bible and high quality tools to aid in studying the word of God.  Trying to search the internet to find a high quality Bible is difficult because you can’t physically handle the Bible, and you can’t be sure that the one you’re actually ordering is the one you think you’re ordering.  I personally own and use the Bibles that you will find on this site, and I have provided links where you can find these exact Bibles and accessories at the best prices.


Don’t Forget the Bible Study Tools

Getting a high quality Bible is just the beginning.  If you are going to understand the King James Bible, you need to get a good dictionary, like the Oxford English Dictionary or the Webster’s 1828 Dictionary, which defines the words as they were used in 1611 when it was translated.  For this reason I have made a Dictionaries page to help you find a great dictionary which will open up the meanings of the words of God to you.  Once you know how to read and understand the KJV Bible, the next step is to get a good concordance and commentary to aid you in studying the Bible, which you will find on the Reference Material page.  Once you know how to study the Bible, you will want to make notes in it with good pens and highlighters which will help you to remember what you have learned.  These you will find on the Bible Highlighters and Pens page.


Investing in Yourself

Over the years, I have also learned the importance of investing in myself if I’m going to be able to work efficiently and productively in studying the Bible or in anything else.  I have found that investing in ergonomic home office equipment such dual monitors, a dual monitor arm, an adjustable height stand-up desk, desk lighting, and an ergonomic office chair has been well worth it in terms of productivity, comfort, and enjoyment.  Because of this, I have also created a page called Ergonomic Office to share the things that have made a huge difference in my life when it comes to working from my home office.

So take a look around – I think you will be very pleased with the information you find.